There She Glows SWIM receives thousands of submissions each year. So far, we chose accordingly bi weekly! Each of our ambassadors receives bikinis and in turn regularly takes photos for our social media accounts like Instagram and Facebook! The role of an ambassador is to spread positivity and brand awareness throughout all social media.

  • Must be 18+
  • Instagram account must be public
  • Must have a minimum Instagram Following of 15k
  • Must place a positive example to the community

Please provide the following in your Email to:


  1. First and Last Name:
  2. Instagram Username:
  3. Email:
  4. Location:
  5. What would make you a great Ambassador for There She Glows SWIM?
  6. Have you been an ambassador for any other clothing brand and or bikini line?
  7. If so, which brands?
  8. Upload two photos in high resolution that best reflect you!
Note: We will never ask for explicit photos nor do we offer free trips.